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Hi my name is Nakata, and I’m an alcoholic.

Alcohol Rehab Program

Alcohol Rehabilitation and Treatment Program

What is alcohol? It is a sedative drug.Its pure form is odorless, colorless and not inflammable.It is used in many societies for various purposes.It has no nutrient to nourish the physical body. Though many don’t believe it, alcohol is not only a...

Drugs slang names and stories

15 Common Drugs, Their Street (slang) Names and Stories

This list is in no particular order.  It is meant to help you understand the language and lingo of the drug world to better enable you to keep tabs on what your children are talking about if they are into drugs. Some of these words, comments...

Overcoming Anxiety and Stress Without Medications

Overcoming Anxiety and Stress Without Medications

Everybody suffers from stress or anxiety from time-to-time. Common situations, such as speaking in public, meeting tight deadlines, first dates, as well as being caught in rush hour traffic can cause us stress and anxiety. But, mild anxiety or...