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Hi my name is Nakata, and I’m an alcoholic.

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Why Do Some People Like to Read Addiction Stories?

Whether or not people actually use drugs, they are fascinated by them. They are fascinated by what drugs and alcohol can make people do and to what lengths people will go to in order to get the substance they abuse. This is especially true of Heroin...

Assorted Alcohol Bottles

Chronic Alcohol Disorders

With long term alcohol abuse people can develop severe forms of chronic alcohol disorders, the most commonly known being Wernicke’s encephalopathy and Korsakoff’s syndrome. Common Type Both are indicative of serious damage to brain...

Self Improvement

The Secret to Successful Self Improvement

From friends and colleagues who want to quit smoking to people I know in drug rehab, one thing has been constant in their quest to achieve their goal, that is their personal commitment. Personal commitment or convincing one’s self that this is what...

Cocaine recovery alone

Attempting Cocaine Recovery Alone

Cocaine is a stimulant drug that can lead to a powerful psychological addiction in users. Using the drug becomes an obsession that is of greater importance than any prior values, and use and addiction can induce behaviors that were uncharacteristic...


Understanding The Addiction Pain Syndrome

Pain is the reason many people start using potentially addictive substances. Mary is an example of what can happen when a pain condition is not managed appropriately and treatment depends only on medication. Physical pain symptoms We know that...

People and emotions

Personality Disorders

Personality disorders is one of a mental health disorders. Personality disorders is a general term for a type of mental illness in which ways of thinking, understanding the situation, and relates to others is not working...

Meditation for better life

What is Meditation

Meditation can be simply defined as a discipline of mind through which somebody makes attempt to get itself from a “Involved” mind to a relaxing state of awareness. Meditationinvolves concentrating at a single source point. Meditation can be seen as...

Rehab center daily report

How to choose addiction rehab

Modern addiction rehab Addiction Recovery come a long way over the last 50 years. Belief system depends on parents and punished as if they conduct children’s ill-treated. ‘ll Punish and instill a military training camp mentality, hoping to cure the...

Addiction is real

What have I become?

We’ve just been sitting around in this hotel room smoking incense, snorting Adderall and Ritalin to go to work. Pretty sure my roommate is getting laid behind me. Woo. I’ve been working pretty much every day installing tile into bathrooms at schools...

party friends celebrate alcohol drinks girl teens

Drug Treatment for Adolescents

Most American youth try drugs and alcohol when they are teenagers; some will develop serious substance use problems. But treatment for teens is scarce and often hard to find: although more than one million teens need drug treatment, only one in ten...