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Hi my name is Nakata, and I’m an alcoholic.

Relationships and Recovery

Relationships and Recovery

One of the more difficult adjustments to make in recovery is sustaining or seeking out new healthy relationships. Many have been in marriages for most of the marriage as an active addict or alcoholic. Some married young and stupid and both were...

10 drug addiction signs

Top 10 Signs of Drug Addiction

If you’ve ever spent any time in or around a drug addiction rehab, you soon learn that there are some common signs that are displayed among those with drug addictions. Probably the biggest and most common is denying they have a drug addiction. They...

Your Spouse’s Addiction

Eight Ways You Enable Your Spouse’s Addiction

Although drug or alcohol addiction is a personal demon, spouses of addicts do, at times, act as enablers. Many spouses do not even realize they are doing so. They may say, “I have no control over what he does,” or “she knows I don’t like it.” But...

Scientists discover new pain-sensing organ | Science

Scientists discover new pain-sensing organ | Science

[ad_1] A new organ involved in the sensation of pain has been discovered by scientists, raising hopes that it could lead to the development of new painkilling drugs. Researchers say they have discovered that the special cells that surround the pain...

Teenagers and Hallucinogens

Teenagers and Hallucinogens

Hallucinogens have been used throughout the centuries for their ability to alter human perception. They are among the oldest known drugs, many of which are found in plants and fungi. In the past, hallucinogens have been used for religious, social...

Pain Relieve Pill

Using Oxycontin For Pain Management

OxyContin is a brand name for a substance generically known as oxycodone, an opiate analgesic (pain-reliever). Oxycontin is prescribed for pain and can provide up to twelve hours of relief. Though Oxycontin is highly addictive, most people who use...


Overcoming adversity and finding hope beyond despair

Two stories, not about recovery from drug addiction, it’s true, but nevertheless compelling tales about two young men who overcame adversity, found hope beyond despair, who each have something important to say to young people today. Youth today...

addiction law

Top Nine Drug Addiction Myths

As much information is available about drugs and drug addictions, there are still a lot of myths concerning drug addictions. Separating fact from fiction can go a long way when trying to decide how to help a loved one with a drug addiction. Learning...

vigor and energy

Effects and Warning Signs of Teen Steroid Use

Metabolic and anabolic – androgenic steroids were first studied on experimental animals. The influence of the testis on metabolic processes in tissues other than the accessory sex organs has been recognized for a long time. The dramatic effects on...