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Hi my name is Nakata, and I’m an alcoholic.

the reactive mind

The Reactive Mind

It’s amazing how easily we’re taken in by the things our ego-minds tell us and how we automatically default to believing that what we are thinking is truth. We immediately react to everything we see and hear around us, thinking that we clearly...

Anxiety Disorder

The Correlation Between Anxiety Disorder and Alcohol

Anxiety disorder is one of the most complicated health problems known to doctors. The reason for this is because anxiety disorder is not a specific thing to every person. Anxiety disorder can be one set of symptoms in one person while completely...

teenager groups support

Are 12-Step Programs Beneficial for Teens?

In the past decade, there has been an explosion in the number of AA and NA youth groups around the country. These groups serve different purposes for different teens – some find that 12-Step meetings, possibly combined with outpatient therapy, are...

GHB (gamma hydroxybutyric acid)

The Dangers of GHB and GHB Withdrawal

Popular “club drug” and “date rape drug,” GHB, is back in the headlines – and the news isn’t good. In Lodi, Calif., law enforcement has seen a dramatic increase in rapes in the past few weeks, with five young women, all in their early to mid-20s...

Substance Abuse

Schizophrenia Increases Risk of Substance Abuse

About 70 percent of people who have schizophrenia will also have a substance abuse disorder. That is often because people who have the complex mental disorder will turn to drugs or alcohol in an attempt to cope with their illness.  Schizophrenia...

Caffeine addiction

Breaking Your Addiction to Caffeine

If you can’t get your day started without one or more cups of coffee, or if you find yourself experiencing headaches and fatigue without it, you may have formed an addiction to caffeine. While not as dangerous as an addiction to drugs or...

teenager and rehabilitation

Teenage Drug Abuse

Every day more youth become dangerously involved with drugs and alcohol, to the point of abuse. Adolescent drug and alcohol abuse occurs in the lives of teenagers regardless of their socio-economic level, how often they go to church or whether their...

Relationships and Recovery

Relationships and Recovery

One of the more difficult adjustments to make in recovery is sustaining or seeking out new healthy relationships. Many have been in marriages for most of the marriage as an active addict or alcoholic. Some married young and stupid and both were...

10 drug addiction signs

Top 10 Signs of Drug Addiction

If you’ve ever spent any time in or around a drug addiction rehab, you soon learn that there are some common signs that are displayed among those with drug addictions. Probably the biggest and most common is denying they have a drug addiction. They...