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Hi my name is Nakata, and I’m an alcoholic.

anxiety and alcohol

Depression and Alcohol

When one feels depressed, one might start to use excessive amount of alcohol while seeking emotional relief. Alcohol consumption may bring a momentary relief, however in a long run it only makes one feel more depressed. Several studies have shown...

Alcohol Addiction Ever Truly Go Away

Does Alcohol Addiction Ever Truly Go Away?

There has been a long-standing heated debate as to whether alcoholism is a disease or not. Some would say it is and some would stay firm in their disagreement. Yet, if you ask anyone who has recovered from it, they would answer “yes” without a...

Ways to Treat Depression without Medication

Ways to Treat Depression without Medication

Battling depression without drugs You have navigated to this website because you either know or you are suspecting you might suffer of depression. You are searching for information and means to overcome the sadness and emptiness in your life. You...

Prescription Drug Trap

Avoiding the Prescription Drug Trap

According to Peter Hart Research Associates over 57% of all U.S. adults experience chronic pain—which translates to about 117 million people. Many of these people turned to pain medication to cope, and most people on appropriately prescribed pain...

Stages of Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Stages of Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcoholism and alcohol withdrawal symptoms take years to develop. Alcoholism begins when the adverse effects of alcohol become apparent in the physical and mental health of the drinkers. Often he or she may not be aware of them. This is the time...

I Want To Quit Alcohol

Most of the people these days find themselves asking the same question that how they can quit alcohol when they are too far away with their alcohol addiction. Once they realize this habit is taking them on the wrong path of life, they decide to walk...

Abstinence for Addiction Recovery

Harm Reduction vs Abstinence for Addiction Recovery

Having worked in the addiction treatment field for over 25 years I recognize the importance of abstinence for quality long-term recovery. However, when it comes to helping someone transition from addictive use to total abstinence, it’s not normally...

Parental drug abuse help

Parental drug abuse help

Parental Drug Abuse In previous decades, the relationship between drug use, teenagers and their parents was clear-cut: teenagers did the drugs and parents just said no. But as the “baby-boomers,” who were teenagers in the 80s and 90s...

The symptoms of depression

Living With Someone That Has Depression

What is Deression Depression is a stress related illness that is the most common of the all mental illnesses. One in six women and one in nine men suffer from depression. Men are less likely to admit they are suffering from depression so they seek...