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Derived from the Greek word ἀνωνυμία, anonymia, meaning "without a name" or "namelessness".
Traditionally used by scholars in the humanities for any ancient writer whose name is not known, or to a manuscript of their work. Such writers have left valuable historical or literary records through the ages.

Heroin syringe

Heroin Starts with a P

As I watched the other girls in the tank that evening, I noticed the scared young girl who had come in a couple of hours earlier. She reminded me of another young girl just a few years earlier who had sat in jail cell much like this one…me. Back...

Alcohol Addict

Pushing It to the Limit

I grew up very poor with alcoholic parents and 8 brothers and sisters. There was a lot of abuse. I started drinking when I was 5, and by time I was 8 I was an alcoholic and addict. I smoked pot and took speed and downs every day. Nothing was...

Wasted Lifetime of Hard Work

Wasted Hard Work Life

She was a beautiful lady, smartly dressed and expensively adorned. Now, one can hardly bear to look at her, though a closer look still reveals her once glorious beauty. When I first met her, I was too intimidated to do anything. But Anna has an...

Addiction true story

Calvin Story – One Day at a Time

I was born on the South Coast of England into a devoutly Catholic working class family; there was a lot of worship and Anger in that house and the surrounding environment. At thirteen I picked up my first drug, but even before that I can see now...